St Ives Cottages

St Ives Cottages

St Ives Cottages

St Ives Cottages

St Ives is one of the most famous holidays towns in Cornwall, a jewel situated at the south western tip of United Kingdom, accessible by road, rail and air. Crystal blue waters, surf, golden sands, year round sub-tropical temperatures and the warmth of the local welcome.

Life centres around the harbour where fishing boats still moor alongside granite piers, their catch being sent around the world and earning an enviable reputation for its quality and variety in some of the finest restaurants.

St Ives Cottages are pecfect for holidaymakers, bringing peace and tranquility of the past to the present day.

St. Ives Cottages are well conditioned to received families of all sizes, and give them a warmth welcome.

The annual Harbour Day revives the hustle and bustle and creates a carnival atmosphere. Radiating from the harbour into the old town is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, lined by fishermen`s cottages, many with the original steps to the first floor doorway. The ground floor would have been an open cellar housing fishing nets, boats and pilchard presses. Steep sloping passageways and secret corners conceal unexpected delights at almost every turn.

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